Transcribed below.

Adopt-a-Typewriter Day

On the very last day of International Typewriter Appreciation Month, a poor homeless typewriter was left on Dr. Boli’s doorstep. This is certainly not a typewriter from the golden age: it is a Royal Safari, made in Portugal, from the days when the grand old American brands had found it useful to buy out European typewriter makers and have the manufacturing done where labor was cheapest. But it is light and easily portable, and it types neatly. It may not be a classic of mechanical art, but it is a well-made machine.

In spite of the typewriter revival, there are still countless typewriters out there that need good homes, homes where they will be appreciated and put to good use. Therefore, by the power vested in him by his status as an Internet influencer, Dr. Boli hereby and herewith and heretofore and hereafter designates the last day of the month of February (the twenty-eighth day three times out of four, or the twenty-ninth day in leap years, or the three hundred sixty-fifth day if the Year-Round International Typewriter Appreciation Month bill now before Congress is made law) as Adopt-a-Typewriter Day in all parts of the world currently reached, or that shall be reached in the future, by the Internet.

Royal Safari

Addendum: Some minimal research finds that this model was made in the very late 1970s and early 1980s by the Messa typewriter manufactory in Portugal.