Every typewriter deserves its own epigram, improvised on its own keyboard. Here are a few to start with.

The Remington Quiet-Riter:

My marketers would like to call me quiet,
But in the coffee shop I’m still a riot.

The Olivetti Valentine (found at a thrift store for $5):

For vivid colors do you pine?
Then I will be your Valentine.
I have a very pleasant touch.
I’m mercenary, but not much.
We won’t be playing for high stakes.
Five bucks is really all it takes.

The Hermes 3000:

If I send you a letter that’s typed up in cursive,
Does the reading experience seem more immersive?

The Woodstock:

If you or any of your friends have Communist proclivities,
Choose Woodstock brand for all your un-American activities.

(This poem is dedicated to the memory of Richard Nixon, Typewriter Detective.)