Sir: I was listening to some doubtless inebriated politician ranting about how America is failing to create manufacturing jobs, and it was making me sick. Now, I was also eating two large orders of Freedom Fries from Bob’s Burger Yurt at the time, so I cannot say whether I can attribute my symptoms exclusively to this yammering America-hater, but one way or the other he was wrong, and people should not be allowed to be wrong on the radio. How can he say that America is failing to create manufacturing jobs? America leads the world in designing products to be manufactured in China. Millions of Chinese citizens would be out of work if it were not for our talented American industrial designers. Look it up on TikTok if you doubt me: America is the engine that drives China’s prosperity. The next time you think you want to insult America, Mr. Fancy-Pants Representative from Some Godless New England State, choose a subject where it isn’t so easy to contradict you with a simple TikTok search.

Roland Ronald Dorlan,