There is a certain amusing dissonance about a site on the Web whose theme is writing by making marks on paper. But that is what we have created, because we have never been afraid of amusing dissonances.
We have been adding articles to this new site for a while, and, having reached the good round number of ten, we decided it was time for an official announcement.

And what do we call this new site? We gave it a simple and memorable name: Ink. It will be a place for occasional articles about writing and the tools that make writing happen, or any other subject that strikes our fancy. The only rule we have established for it is that every article will be written on paper.

Our readers should not expect to find something new every day over at Ink. They should not expect all the articles to be interesting, either. But if you have ever thought to yourself, "I wish Dr. Boli would take all his serious and boring articles about writing and put them on a separate subdomain," well—here you go.