A few days ago, the authors of a book that describes itself as “a leadership fable” were kind enough to send a copy of their book to the celebrated publishing empire—not to Dr. Boli himself, but to the business as it is registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. “We ask that you read it, share a review online, and then place this copy in a space for others to read,” said the accompanying note (printed in two colors, one of which is metallic copper).

Yes, Dr. Boli will be delighted to review your book. Let us open it at random:

The goal was to learn how to effectively demonstrate agility in considering how they could be cultural transformation stewards and impact collective growth from the top down.


Let us skip ahead a couple of pages.

The upcoming meetings were the result of a small micro-intervention that has turned into a macro-organizational intervention, through the organization’s leadership modeling the way, and encouraging the same behavior at the group level, while also encouraging individuals to embrace change and be transformational. This is what I love to see!


I was blessed to have a strong star system to provide that ongoing support so I could do my best work as I helped humanize how organizations were enacting what they espoused to be important.

Yes, this book definitely deserves a thorough review. But it’s going to take a while. Expect a review of The Beekeeper by Katie P. Desiderio and Michael G. Frino in a few days. Meanwhile, those among our readers who are religious may wish to say a prayer for Dr. Boli as he embarks on this endeavor. Those who are not religious may wish to become religious before reading any more quotations from the book.

UPDATE: The review has been published.


  1. Richard A says:

    Can’t trust a book that is so careless about split infinitives.

  2. KevinT says:

    Might I suggest that Dr. Boli convene a book club meeting at which he could read the book aloud, while the other attendees play buzzword Bingo? This would inject an element of fun and frivolity to the otherwise dreary task.

    • The Shadow says:

      Better yet, do as is done with ‘The Eye of Argon’: People take turns reading until they burst out laughing.

  3. Belfry Bat says:

    Curious use of the word “fable”.

  4. Belfry Bat says:

    One could almost describe “The Hobbit” as “a leadership fable”, and nearly be saying something true, and even worth while, if rather reductive… which is a tough act to follow, is all that I mean.

  5. Captain DaFt says:

    Hmm, I would recommend that the good doctor return this volume to the publisher, and request one printed in English.
    Obviously some sort of shipping error has occurred.

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