How important is it to tech companies to keep you seething with outrage? Consider this notice (reproduced for the purpose of criticism and fomenting outrage) that has been popping up in the Microsoft Edge browser if you have your new-tab page set to show no news feed:

Try a new layout to see more news: Earn 100 Microsoft Rewards points when you switch to the Microsoft Edge informational layout. Plus, earn 400 more if you keep it for 7 days.

You may also note that there is no button to refuse. There are two buttons: “Obey now” and “Keep bothering me.”

The reason we are so angry at one another all the time is because billionaires are making more billions from our anger. Dr. Boli has one suggestion: Direct your anger toward the billionaires, and turn off your news feed.


  1. KevinT says:

    Microsoft wants you to set your default browser to Firefox.

  2. Fred says:

    The harder a site or browser is to use the more clicks which means more ‘engagement.’ Its sort of like they’re playing a video game where the high score is to be maximally annoying. So sort of like multiplayer video games I guess. The logical conclusion of this way of thinking of course is to give everyone a heart attack while clutching the keyboard. Aaaaaaa…

  3. Lee says:

    I find the ‘Do you want to donate’ buttons at the grocery store disingenuous; the prices are prohibitive already? I want a Do Not Ask Me Again button.

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