Crotalus horridus

No. 3.—The Amusing Pet.


  1. tom says:

    Filled with dried beans would make a nice draft barrier. And that end portion — excellent for sticking on messages and memos.

  2. KevinT says:

    Dr. Boli is channeling Irwin Mainway?!

  3. My maternal Grandfather actually used a diamondback rattlesnake as a toy once. Sort of.

    He was a young boy, and saw a snake disappearing down a hole in the farmyard. So he grabbed it by the tail, intending to pull it out and see what kind of snake it was. He immediately was able to identify it once the rattle started shaking next to where he was gripping it.

    Not wanting to let it go, nor wanting to get bit as soon as he pulled it out of the hole, he had to think quickly. He yanked it out with some force while running away from the hole, and immediately as its head cleared the opening, started twirling the snake around his head like a demented lasso, as fast as he could, so the centrifugal force would keep its head and fangs out of reach of his delicate skin.

    He was soon able to fling it towards the wall of the barn, quickly grab a hoe, and whack the snake to death. Snakes are generally welcome on farms as rodent control, but poisonous ones are not welcome in the area immediately around the house for fairly obvious reasons.

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