YMCA by James T. Steen

Here, from an 1883 magazine, is a design for a YMCA by the well-known Pittsburgh architect James T. Steen. His version of the Romanesque style allowed him to offer his famous guarantee: Your money back if a Japanese rubber-suited monster ever steps on this building.


  1. Occasional Correspondent says:

    With all the spiky things pointing straight up, one would think stepping monsters would be motivated to avoid the building, or at least step OVER it.  One might also wonder whether the monster, or the man inside the suit, has had his tetanus shots.  In the event of misstep, should the producer carry lockjaw liability insurance?  Worse, any locking of the monster’s jaw would impede emission of superheated fluids, atomic beam, godzilla breath, etc.

  2. tom says:

    Judging from the number of spiky pinnacles intact on buildings of that era, the monsters have already come and gone, and if peacefully lying dead are even now turning into future petroleum products.

  3. godzilla! says:

    History shows again and again
    how Nature points up the folly of men
      — Thomas Carlyle
        back from the dead to write lyrics to popular music
        (or is this more Hobbes than Carlyle?)
        (if a collaboration, then Tom-Tom music?)

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