Transcribed below. Perhaps we ought to offer an apology to Guillaume de Machaut, but we heard a rumor that he has been dead for some time.

My End Is My Beginning

My end is my beginning.
I stop right where I start.
Just when I think I’m winning,
My verse all falls apart.
I start right at the top,
Hopes bright and head held high,
But don’t know how to stop.
I’m flummoxed, which is why


  1. When the fertilized egg cell of an animal has divided for a bunch of times, it gradually forms from a solid ball into a hollow ball of cells. One end of this ball dimples inward to form the ball into a hollow tube, which will eventually become the digestive tract of the developing embryo.

    Simple animals like bugs and worms form with the mouth end of the digestive tract being that first dimple. More complex animals, such as humans and all other vertebrates, form with the…other end…of the digestive tract being that first dimple.

    I’ve often thought of this process as “we all start out as assholes, but we don’t all have to stay that way.”

    But now I’m gonna have to more politely think of this process as “my end is my beginning.”

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