Royal Quiet De Luxe

Transcribed below. We must issue a correction: on February 5, we presented this machine’s identical twin—identical in every way except that it writes in Elite type rather than Pica—and dated it 1948. That was incorrect; the twins both come from 1949. The 1948 Quiet De Luxe, identical except for the color, will make an appearance shortly, followed by the 1950 Quiet De Luxe. We saw the 1953 Quiet De Luxe a while ago. Dr. Boli likes the Quiet De Luxe.

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Tower Constellation

Transcribed below. The typewriter is a 1963 Tower Constellation, made by Smith-Corona for Sears Roebuck, with Elite Gothic type. It is possibly unique in the world, since Elite Gothic was not offered as an option in the Sears catalogue, so this one had to be a special order from a serious and determined typist.

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Royal Safari keyboard
Magic Columns®!

Transcribed below. By special request of our correspondent Daniel, this one is written with a 1968 Royal Safari, which deploys the awesome power of registered-trademarked technology: Magic Margins®, Twin Pak® ribbons, Touch Control®, and, instead of a tabulator, Magic Columns®. What is the difference between a keyset tabulator and Magic Columns? Magic, of course! Otherwise nothing.

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