I for the Insurance Salesman—mark him well,
Avoid his spell,
Beware of what he has to sell.

He talks to you for hours. He wants to be your friend.
When will it end?
When you have no more cash to spend.

“I have a lovely policy just right for you.
And all you do
Is sign right here, and then we’re through.

“Now, don’t suppose you have to sign it right away.
I’ll wait all day.
Just don’t think you can get away.

“I’ll sit around and wait till Tuesday if I must.
To earn your trust,
I’ll even cook and sweep and dust.

“And when the winter comes, and snow lies on the ground,
I’ll be around.
Right here is where I’ll still be found.

“As you grow older, getting grayer year by year,
I’ll still be here.
I hope I’ve made that crystal-clear.

“Of course, if you would like to see me go, I vow
I’ll show you how:
Just sign the stupid thing right now.”