A REVOLUTION IN politics is accomplished, a hundred days of a new presidential administration have passed, and yet the United States of America still has no national flower! Can any better evidence be offered of the failure of our national government?

Fortunately it is never too late to join the DANDELION LEGION, Dr. Boli’s ongoing fight to have the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) recognized as our national flower.

As Dr. Boli has pointed out on many occasions, the dandelion ideally reflects the American story. It is a plant that came from Europe and within a few decades had stolen all the best land from the natives.

What can you do to help? Any number of things!

You can start by writing your congressperson or senator. Write often, perhaps several times a day. Many of our elected representatives are able to read and relish the priceless entertainment provided by frequent letters from their constituents.

You could also carry placards outside subway stations and major intersections.

Or why not surprise a neighbor by planting dandelion seeds in his yard? Imagine his delight when his humdrum grass-infested lawn bursts into a sea of yellow bloom! Soon you’ll have made a convert to the cause.

Finally, you can put this banner on your Web site, with a link to this article.

Join the cause today! Start a yellow revolution! Give your life a purpose! Temporarily relieve your boredom!


  1. Noho Hodzinski says:

    I had written to Senator Arlen Specter regarding this important movement but the Republican National Committee wrote back and said that he is nowhere to be found and that maybe the Democrats know where he is.

  2. Dandelion Jane says:

    I wish that you weren’t joking because I think that the dandelion truly should be our national flower — and not for the reason espoused by “Dr. Boli”! The dandelion is truly a beneficial plant and greatly underappreciated. It is beautiful, perseverant, and egalitarian: it brightens the dreariest day; it grows where frailer flowers won’t; its motto is “Never say die!”; and it grows bounteously for even the poorest of the poor. No person has to live without flowers because of the generous wonderful dandelion!

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