1. MadMadelineBassett says:

    Mr. Dr. Boli Sir,

    You do not happen to be related to my neighbor, do you? His name is Mr. Gregory, he owns a few horses, and he often wears a black leather jacket. My venerable mother, upon seeing your picture, insists that you must be at least remotely related. Second cousins, she suggests. My opinion is that the alleged association is pure flapdoodle. Please give me the truth as soon as possible, Dr. Boli, for I distrust that villainous thing known as curiosity. After all, the legend says that it did kill a cat. Who indeed knows what it might do next! Truly, if second cousins sprout up everywhere, what is a delicate young lady to do! Please help me!

    Very truly yours,
    Miss MadMadeline Bassett

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