FOR IMMEDIATE SALE: One used groundhog (woodchuck). Slightly defective. Apply to Dept. of Meteorology, Borough of Punxsutawney. Groundchuck (woodhog) must be picked up by purchaser no later  than February 15, 2010, to make room for installation of improved mechanically animated groundhog (woodchuck).


  1. Lars Walker says:

    I am interested in this offer, but require further information. How much wood would this particular woodchuck (groundhog) chuck, assuming that this groundhog (woodchuck) would chuck wood?

    • Caren says:

      It’s not a matter of whether the groundhog (woodchuck) WOULD chuck wood, it’s a matter of whether he COULD chuck wood. The rhyme is very specific in this matter. “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

  2. Dinsdale "Toots" MacTavish says:

    We here at Nature’s Animatronics would like to mention that our Model 12-D-WC android groundhog can wink, smile, move his head in 35 degrees of motion in any direction, and can be programmed to serve as a weather prognosticator or a lottery mascot. This model is gender specific and can also be programmed to dance and sing several songs popularized by the late Al Jolson.

  3. Daniel says:

    If said defective woodchuck could chuck artificial wood, then I would consider buying your woodchuck.

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