Miss Charlotte Spry of Hartford, who has just turned ninety years of age, can still juggle six cats at once without dropping any of them.

Judge Orbin Lampbracket of Phoenix can determine the guilt or innocence of a defendant before the trial has opened.

Mr. Ferdinand Quentin Maple of Pittsburgh can look at a basket of unsorted and unfolded shirts fresh from the clothes dryer, and, without looking, reach into the wardrobe and retrieve exactly the right number of hangers.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Rankbroth of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, can repeat the same quarrel, in the same words, as many as fifty-eight days in a row.

Ms. Pinella Bitterweather of West Palm Beach is known for her eerily convincing impersonation of the famous Technicolor color director Natalie Kalmus.


  1. Clay Potts says:

    More Strange but True:

    According to the transcripts of the 1926 homicide trial of Mrs. Samuel A. Pickleberry, the defendant testified that her late husband of thirty years, having sustained a serious brain injury as a result of a freakish accident with a monkey-wrench, managed to whistle his favorite tune, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” nonstop for 26 days straight while being in a deep coma. And, it was only on the 27th day, when he began to also play the base lines from within the depths of his colon, that she began to pray in earnest out of deep affection for her husband, that he would indeed soon see, “the glory of the coming of the Lord”, that the monkey-wrench returned to finish him off.

    Despite her moving testimony, Mrs. Pickleberry was found guilty of the second degree murder of her husband and promptly given a sentence of twenty-five years, time served.

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