…that the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) is incapable of long division?

…that, to the end of his life, Victor Hugo had a superstitious dread of the circumflex accent?

…that President Said Mohamed Djohar of the Comoros once accidentally staged a coup attempt against himself, but was defeated and remained in power?

…that Lord Cornwallis reported his surrender to George III as a “strategic withdrawal”?

…that William Shakespeare’s favorite pet name for his wife Anne Hathaway was “Anne Hathaway”?

…that five people in the last six months alone have been executed for calling Wilkins Township “Monroeville”?

…that Jules Verne correctly predicted the modern American three-ring binder in his 1875 novel Sept semaines dans un bureau, at a time when only the two-ring binder was known?


  1. Clay Potts says:

    It’s true Shakespeare’s favorite pet name for his wife was rather unimaginative, but when asked about this, Anne revealed, “it wasn’t so much the things William said, but his feather quill pen that continued to tickle her fancy”.

  2. RepubAnon says:

    Did you know that the digital calculator was invented by someone who counted on his fingers?

  3. David Poecking says:

    In his childhood, Victor Hugo was beaten by a man who spoke with such an accent.

  4. Wonderful factsimiles . . .

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  5. Clay Potts says:

    …that whenever providing a direct quote about herself for the record, William Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway always referred to herself in the third person, thinking by doing so, she might maintain at least a modicum of anonymity…

  6. Sean says:

    Pity those who are unable to make the fine distinction between the gelatinous blob of Monroeville and the other endless labyrinths of twisting cul de sacs around it. The penalty should be reduced to going through the express line at the Monroeville Giant Eagle at 5:30 on a weekday. This is the equivalent of a roughly 20 year prison term.

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