Our frequent correspondent “Maypo” writes:

Non sequitur re this post, but pertaining to the new Celebrated Magazine masthead: I see Dr. Boli has moved into the Art Deco age. I hope this does not mean he is now “Modern” in all senses of the word.

For the moment, the masthead changes randomly among eight designs. (You would have figured that out eventually.) Only one of them may be called Art Deco, using a type style Dr. Boli imitated from 1930s letterheads.


Dr. Boli has made no concessions here to “modern” ideas: Art Deco is not modern but moderne, which is almost the exact opposite. “Modern” design values only the functional and eschews all ornament; moderne design insists that the functional must be made artistic before it can show its face in public. Since the first awakenings of the style, Dr. Boli has found himself in sympathy with the Art Deco ideal of finding and embellishing the beauty in modern materials. In fact one might describe Art Deco as the classical design of the machine age, taking its decorative inspiration from the materials available at the time, just as classical design took its original inspiration from the stone, wood, and bronze available to ancient architects.


  1. Maypo says:

    I learn something new every time I sit at the knee of the good Doctor. In this case, three things. First, I have graduated to a “frequent” correspondent. I look forward to eventually being admitted to the “regular” group. Perhaps soon I will need more fiber in the diet. Second, a clarity around the term Art Deco has been imparted. Heretofore I used the term loosely, perhaps wantonly, because I recognized the style and could impress my friends. Now that I understand the meaning behind the style I can better appreciate it when I see it. Lastly, I now know that these web site thingys can be “dynamic” and “change” rapidly. This has the side effect of occasional disorientation to those of us who prefer unchanging Truths – but we must deal with progress when it sideswipes us.

  2. trainlover says:

    An excellent statement of the difference between moderne and modern. As a student of streamline moderne, I find myself puzzled by the modern movement and horrified by the post-modern. It is nice to gain this insight about the source of those feelings.

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