Or, How Google Sucks Knowledge Out of Your Brain.

Waxing gibbous moon

The moon is in the waxing gibbous phase tonight. What can Google tell us about that? By typing “gibbous moon” in the search box, we find a list of “things to know.”

Bunch of astrological rubbish that comes up if you search Google for “gibbous moon”
Quoted for the purpose of comment and criticism and fair-usey stuff like that.

Now you know that your metaphorical crops are in abundance. Now you know that people born under a waxing gibbous moon are compassionate and motivated and fickle and indecisive. Now you know that themes of enthusiasm are strong.

Now you know less than before you asked Google, because these things are all negative knowledge. They subtract from the sum of true information in your brain. This is how the Internet makes suckers of us all.


  1. Occasional Correspondent says:

    If you are depilitating apes, greater or lesser, you may find yourself waxing gibbons.

  2. Daniel says:

    A few nights ago I was awake some hours before dawn. Clear sky gave me a preview of the “winter” constellations. Seeing two reddish stars above Orion, I could not identify which was Mars and which was Aldebaran (alpha Tauri). God help me, I googled “Mars in Taurus” — the results were a 100% astrological firehose. Apparently many in Google-Land put their faith in this stuff?

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