The trouble with most new year’s resolutions is that they are so easily broken. Broken resolutions are discouraging, and discouragement leads to apathy and acedia. It is far better to make resolutions one is sure of keeping. Dr. Boli’s resolution for 2022 is to have published an article for every single day of 2021. And look! Here it is December 31, and the thing is done. Every single day in 2021, an article appeared without fail in this space—except for a few days in July when wicked foreign agents took down the site for their own nefarious reasons. But even then we provided an article every day for our strictly imaginary readers, and those articles are properly archived on the appropriate dates.

We began in January with some inspirational yard signs, in tautological and surrealist models.

In February we solved the Dot-Matrix Mystery. It turns out that dot-matrix printers do not print 1500 pages a minute, but it was fun to imagine for a while. We also spent some time thinking about the things you can do with a typewriter that are much harder to do with a computer.

In March we asked “What will happen to cursive?”—and gave the answer, of course, in cursive. March was also the month when we were the first publication to report that the family of Marcel Marceau had apologized for decades-old whiteface photos of the famous mime. As far as we know, we were also the last publication to report that story.

In April we helped the world overcome its chronic misunderstanding of nineteenth-century photography. No need to thank us.

May gave us one of the Landmarks of Spirit Photography. Whoever denies the reality of the world beyond is simply immune to evidence.

In June we considered the problem of interpreting historiated initials, and we liked doing it so well that we considered it again a few days later.

In July we were attacked by nefarious agents of a foreign power, and yet Dr. Boli did not excuse himself from preparing articles for the days his Magazine spent off line. Instead, as readers were doubtless delighted to discover, when the site was working again, there was a new article for every day the site had been inaccessible. Dr. Boli values his readers even when they are not there. July was also the month we introduced Binary Sudoku to the world, because it has always been Dr. Boli’s ambition to leave the world more puzzled than it was before he came into it.

August brought us a new Malt-O-Cod hero, Silent Jim, whose adventures are perfectly suited to the medium of radio drama.

In September, we heard the story of “The Godproof Room,” in which T. A. Wright outwits God and profits from the accomplishment.

In October, the Yohogania Electric Light Company brought us a world-premiere dramatic radio event: the first episode of The Postapocalypticon.

In November we learned to navigate the menu system at the Call Center Frustration Hotline.

In December we talked quite a bit about the Voynich Manuscript, first in response to a comment on yet another article we had published earlier on that wonderful book, and then again after a kind commenter announced that he had found the key to the cipher. Dr. Boli remains to be convinced, but he is ready to host a grand Decipherment Ball as soon as a successful translation is confirmed.

Now, what do you think Dr. Boli has in store for his readers in 2022? It might be something very exciting. It might push the boundaries of literary probability. It might knock your socks off, so that you will have to wear sandals. But if you were thinking, “Oh, more of the same, I’m guessing,” you are probably not wide of the mark.